Custom Clothing is the hallmark of our business. Too many gentleman are fooled by the terminolgy that some clothing stores use today. Custom Clothing can only be produced by a company that understands the human body and employs true Tailors that can create the pattern necessary for an exacting fit. A pattern is made for each client - and careful measuring and photos help the artisans create a garment that fits the clients body...the good and the bad.

We proudly offer the following Custom Made Garments

  • Ravazzolo - Still made by hand in Vicenza, Italy
  • Adrian Jules - Made by hand in Rochester, New York, USA


Made-To-Measure (MTM) Clothing is a more affordable alternative to Custom Made. In MTM Clothing the manufacturer enters your measurements into a special cad program that adjusts an existing pattern to your individual specifications. Athletic or more ample, high or low shoulders (or only one of them!), stooping posture  or upright are just a few of the adjustments that can be made. While many stores and even internet 'custom clothiers' use this method - very few are successful at it. First, it is our specialty, we have been doing it for 38 years. 

Second, the company that creates your garment can't just buy the program and start making garments. They have to know what makes sense and what does not. We know what these companies are capable of - and what needs to be handed over to the true artisans.

We offer the following Made-To-Measure Garments

  • Southwick Made in USA
  • John H Daniels Made in USA
  • Platinum Apparel Imported
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